Summer Air Cushion Slippers for Women and Men Beach Shoes Couples Sandals

Summer Air Cushion Slippers for Women and Men Beach Shoes Couples Sandals



Product Description

Material: Rubber
used by :female and male
Features: Air Cushion,stylish, breathable, comfortable, non-slip
Packages List:1 pair of shoes

Please note: Please do not choose the size based on your past shopping experience, because this shoe is slightly smaller than ordinary shoes, please purchase according to our size tips.

***[Instruction about selection of size]***:
The sole size is Chinese size instead of European size.
You can choose the suitable size based on the correspondence between European Size/US Size/UK Size and Chinese size that is provided in the picture or in the size options or as follows:
***Anyway,to choose the size base on the your foot length is the best choice, and the way to measure your foot length is shown in the picture.

***[Women SIZE]***
Women 36=[US 4~4.5]=[EU 35]=[UK 2.5]=[FootLength 220mm]
Women 37=[US 5]=[EU 35.5]=[UK 3]=[FootLength 225mm]
Women 38=[US 5.5~6]=[EU 36~36.5]=[UK 3.5~4]=[FootLength 230mm]
Women 39=[US 6.5]=[EU 37]=[UK 4.5]=[FootLength 235mm]
Women 40=[US 7~7.5]=[EU 37.5~38]=[UK 5~5.5]=[FootLength 240mm]
Women 41=[US 8~8.5]=[EU 38.5~39]=[UK 6~6.5]=[FootLength 250mm]
Women 42=[US 9~9.5]=[EU 39.5~40]=[UK 7~7.5]=[FootLength 260mm]
Women 43=[US 10]=[EU 40.5]=[UK 8]=[FootLength 265mm]
Women 44=[US 10.5~11]=[EU 41~41.5]=[UK 8.5~9]=[FootLength 270mm]
Women 45=[US 11.5]=[EU 42]=[UK 9.5]=[FootLength 275mm]

***[Men SIZE]***
Men 40=[US 6~6.5]=[EU 39~39.5]=[UK 5.5~6]=[FootLength 240mm]
Men 41=[US 7~7.5]=[EU 40~40.5]=[UK 6.5~7]=[FootLength 250mm]
Men 42=[US 8~8.5]=[EU 41~41.5]=[UK 7.5~8]=[FootLength 260mm]
Men 43=[US 9]=[EU 42]=[UK 8.5]=[FootLength 265mm]
Men 44=[US 9.5]=[EU 42.5]=[UK 9]=[FootLength 270mm]
Men 45=[US 10~10.5]=[EU 43~43.5]=[UK 9.5~10]=[FootLength 275mm]