Mini BT4.0 150M USB WIFI Bluetooth Dual Function Wireless Network Card

Mini BT4.0 150M USB WIFI Bluetooth Dual Function Wireless Network Card



Product Description

M-150KB mini wireless 2 in 1 (Bluetooth and WIFI dual function) USB adapter in line with IEEE 802.11n, 11g, 11b standard enables up to 150Mbps wireless transmission rate. MIMO technology is adopted with a built-in smart antenna to provide better wireless transmission performance, stability and wireless coverage. CCA technology is also used to automatically avoid channel interference and make the best of channel bundling advantages. The product supports 64/128/152 bit WEP encryption as well as WPA / WPA2, WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK and other advanced encryption and security mechanisms. With priority service, video, voice and other bandwidth-sensitive data priority is ensured. It supports AP mode and one-key setting. The network card can be used as a transmitter or router, allowing easy access to the Internet with mobile phones, tablet computers and other computer equipment anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, this product is also a mini USB adapter supporting Bluetooth 4.0 standard. It instantly provides multi-function applications such as Bluetooth speaker / headphone, Bluetooth mouse / keyboard, wireless printing, wireless pictures transferring and sharing to the original devices without Bluetooth function. This product also supports simultaneous working for the Bluetooth and WIFI functions. Bluetooth transmission is also acceptable when accessing to the wireless Internet. An extra purchase for a USB Bluetooth adapter is required when you buy a USB wireless network card. So it is better to choose this M-150KB (mini Bluetooth and WIFI dual function) USB adapter, which can not only save a USB interface for your computer but also save the cost for wireless WIFI network card, allowing you to enjoy the joy of wireless transmission.