Men’s PEN1S increased growth cream D1CK is bigger

Men’s PEN1S increased growth cream D1CK is bigger



Product Description

The cream is completely natural and its main ingredient is Peruvian maca. Plant extracts are known for their ability to restore and their ability to treat male infertility. Maca can enhance sexual desire, improve blood circulation in the pelvis, help delay ejaculation, and improve the body’s overall immunity.
The second important ingredient is Epimedium. The plant is working to strengthen sexual activity and improve sperm quality and sperm motility. This is very important for complete sex life and conception.
The milk thistle extract in the cream-gel Titan is responsible for producing a sufficient amount of testosterone, prolonging sexual intercourse, brightness and climax and healthy interest in the opposite sex.
The extract of the lichens enters the body along with the product with an enlarged penis, activating the blood circulation in the genital area without excessively expanding the pelvic muscles. People forget the past failures in love affairs and have confidence in their abilities.
The excipient titanium gel is used for harmless compounds for the purpose of improving the absorption of active ingredients in the penile tissue.

After bathing every day, massage the entire penis and stick evenly, and achieve a perfect experience time for long-term use.
Packing size: 20cm x 15cm x 10cm (7.87′ x 5.91′ x 3.94′)
Package includes: 1pc Titan Gel
1. How to use
After bathing every day, massage the entire penis and stick evenly. For a long time, you can achieve the perfect experience time. 2 times a day, usually about 4-5ml in the morning and evening, then massage for about 10 minutes, then let the ointment reabsorb.
A keen friend suggested using the massage method recommended by the boss and the feedback is very good, most of my friends.

2. How many pieces should I buy?
If you are under 30, we recommend 4 courses of treatment, over 30 years old, and 6 courses are recommended. It is not recommended to buy one or two, because too little can work, this is not a hormone, it can not work in a few days or 1, 2 weeks.

3. How many centimeters will it be?
General friends 1-2 dishes, the penis can grow to 1-3cm according to the specifications, a customer gave us feedback that it is 5 cm long and continue to use.

4. Principle
Penis enlargement ointment, its unique herbal formula can increase blood reflux, release androgen release in the body, start to make natural hormones in the body, provide necessary nutrient penis growth, increase the expansion of the cavernous body, increase blood volume, and promote penis growth.

Big man – make your woman crazier!
With him, no woman can conquer this world
Effectively increase penis length and circumference
Valid for 30 days
Will not rebound after the increase
More free ejaculation control
All-natural herbs, no side effects
Make sex last longer
Increase sexual crime
Enhances penis hardness, making erection longer-lasting and harder
Hard, strong and long-lasting, it makes men confident and gives women great satisfaction!