Desoldering Solder Sucker Soldering Pump Suction Tin Gun Vacuum Removal Tool

Desoldering Solder Sucker Soldering Pump Suction Tin Gun Vacuum Removal Tool



Product Description

Effectively melts and removes the lead with strong suction.
100% proven not to cause damage on the components and circuit boards.
Made of high-quality material making it safe and durable.
It comes with a nozzle cleaner and nozzle replaceable.
Super easy to use makes engineering easier and handier. Perfect for replacement of integrated circuits and multi-foot

1. Turn on the power and warm up for 3-5 minutes
2. Push the piston handle down and hold it. The front end of the suction nozzle of the soldering iron is aligned with the solder joint of the component to be removed. After the solder is melted, press the control button and the solder will be sucked into the cylinder.
3, the suction device is equipped with two suction nozzles with different diameters, which can be selected according to the thickness of the component lead
4. When soldering, the same operation as using an electric soldering iron
5. When disassembling the gas cylinder, press down on the upper end of the gas cylinder in the direction of the arrow, and pull the gas cylinder away from the handle at the same time. The gas cylinder can be separated. Remove
1. Check whether the use voltage is consistent. Too high or too low voltage is not conducive to use.
2. Tighten the suction nozzle and air cylinder part before use to prevent air leakage, otherwise it will affect the effect of tin absorption.
3. Always remove solder impurities entering the suction nozzle and gas cylinder, and add a little oil to the piston
Fourth, after each use, push the piston 3-4 times to clear the remaining solder in the straw, so that the suction nozzle and the straw are unobstructed for the next use
Fifth, after powering on the tin absorber, it is strictly forbidden to install and disassemble its electric heating parts.
6. When the new solder absorber is used for the first time, it may smoke slightly due to the heating of the heating element. This is normal and will disappear naturally after ten minutes
7. During use, a soldering iron holder with natural heat dissipation structure must be used and should be placed in the soldering iron holder.
8. If the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its maintenance department or similar full-time personnel.
9. This product has a ground wire. It should be used with a socket with a contact. Users should pay attention to it for safety.

Package Includes:
1 X Desoldering Suction Pump
1 X Nozzle Cleaner
1 X Replaceable Nozzle